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More Storage!

A lower perspective here, you can see the smaller cupboards; one at floor level and another above. These are surprisingly big and further emphasise the use of space we endeavour to incorporate.












Rear Three-Point Seat Belts

We realise that the Bongo has got to be practical for everyday use as well as for those weekends away so we've incorporated two rear three-point seat belts.














Sliding Table

From the rear the table can be seen. This is removable and easily stored when not in use. The table slides along a rail to be closer or further away from the rear seats depending on its use













Relaxing Rear

Looking to the back of the Bongo the table has been slid to the rear seats for functional use; reading, eating, writing, drinking....













Cool Fridge

The fridge we use is one of the most effective on the market. Large and cold enough to make ice for the long cool drinks! (The picture shows the optional porta-potti that fits neatly into the lower cupboard)













Good Night

Unlike many other beds found in the Mazda Bongo our side conversion bed is made out of bespoke materials making for a traditionally flat bed and for a good night's sleep.



Cupboards in Abundance...

From the side door you can see the many cupboards and the rear seating arrangement. Notice the above worktop space above with a fitted light to maximise the uses, the space, and the storage facilities.















Only the best hob was good enough here. Twin burners and easy to clean with a lid that acts as a splash guard. Ideal for those cooked breakfasts













A simple yet very effective addition is the placing of overhead cupboards with a light fixed underneath illuminating the very useful workspace below.














Cooking and Cleaning!

Looking down both the twin burner hob and the large sink can be seen. Both can be used independently of the other with their folding lids becoming useful extra workspace.












Eye-Level Storage

The cupboards above make very useful additions to the already comprehensive storage options. Fixed at eye-level they are great for storing all the bits and pieces that otherwise get lost.












Behind You!

Opening the rear Mazda Bongo door gives access to three more cupboards. One stores the gas for the cooker. The others are for you to fill as you see fit. There's also the electric connector.














Time For Bed

The rear seats 'rock and roll' forward to make one of the longest beds to be found in a conversion measuring over six feet!



We can also fit your very own Mazda Bongo conversion - see below